Dr. Rupa Wong

Dreaming Big, Date Nights, and Redefining Failure with Dr. Rupa Wong

Our Women in Medicine Q&A series continues with Dr. Rupa Wong, an ophthalmologist, entrepreneur, and managing partner of Honolulu Eye Clinic, where she specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus. Dr. Wong is the founder of Attending Lounge, an online community that empowers female pre-meds, medical students, and those in training. She is also the co-creator of Pinnacle, a community and conference dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by women physicians in private practice. Dr. Wong recently launched It’s Good To See You, a podcast about balance, time management, and being a boss. Read on to learn about her path towards medical school, her commitment to mentoring young women, and her penchant for sheath dresses and heels.
3 Physician-Founded Brands We Love

3 Brands We Love Created by Physicians

Obviously we’re partial to brands created by physicians — as a physician-founded brand ourselves, we understand firsthand the power of solutions developed by those on the front line. We love doctor-developed solutions because they’re based on first-hand experience, community, and founded by experts. We especially love brands and products from women founders! Empowering women leaders in medicine is Fabled’s core mission, and we love spreading the word about other incredible women providers who’ve founded their own brand. To that end, we’ve rounded up our three favorite female physician-founded brands, all of which offer incredible solutions for women and physicians alike. 
Guest Post: 10 Stubborn Sunscreen Myths from Dr. Patty Lucey

10 Stubborn Sunscreen Myths — from Dr. Patty Lucey

Patricia Lucey, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist at the Inova Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center, and has special interest in the diagnosis and management of melanoma and other skin cancers. This summer, she’s sharing 10 common sunscreen myths to help you take better care of yourself, your family, and your patients this summer.
Dr. Emily Silverman

Making Asks, Storytelling, and Self-Compassion with Dr. Emily Silverman

Our Women in Medicine Q&A series continues with Dr. Emily Silverman, an internal medicine physician at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital; assistant professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco; and the creator/host of The Nocturnists, a nationally recognized medical storytelling live show and podcast. Read on to find out how storytelling made her a better physician, and how her chameleon-like sense of style empowers her.
Olga's Summer Must-Haves

Olga’s Journal: Olga’s Summer Must-Haves

Memorial Day is in our rearview mirror, which means it’s officially summer! I’ve been thinking about how last year we didn’t really “get” a summer — no relaxing beach vacations or poolside playdates. This summer I want to catch up on what I missed and lean into the season — so I’m getting ready with my summer essentials to keep it simple, breezy, and effortless. 

Style Stories: 5 ways to wear

Style Stories: 5 Ways to Style Your Fabled Work Wardrobe

With a solid foundation of function, style and versatility, our designs transition seamlessly between multiple clinical settings into off-duty daywear. As the world opens up and we collectively reawaken, we thought we’d share our favorite ways of styling Fabled workwear for spring.
Woman meditating next to a dog on a yoga mat

Self-Care Heroes: Our 3 Favorite Meditation Apps for Healthcare Workers

Meditation is hands down one of the most transformative and essential skills for a healthcare professional to learn. You don’t have to be an expert at it to start seeing positive changes, but consistency is key. That’s why it’s worthwhile to spend some time thinking about which kind of meditation you could realistically incorporate into your busy life.
The Nocturnists Podcast

Things That Nourish Me: The Nocturnists Podcast

The Nocturnists award-winning podcast is a must-listen for anyone who works in healthcare. Each episode, creator and host Dr. Emily Silverman has meaningful conversations with fellow healthcare workers, exploring the joy, sorrow, and self-discovery of a life in the medical field. I love it so much that we sponsored a recent episode featuring Dr. Suzanne Koven, author of “Letters to a Young Female Physician,” a memoir chronicling Dr. Koven’s experience in medical school in the 1980s.
Dr. Arghavan Salles

Moving Mind, Body, and Soul with Dr. Arghavan Salles

We’re kicking off our Women in Medicine Q&A series with Dr. Arghavan Salles, a bariatric surgeon and Scholar in Residence within the Educational Programs and Services at Stanford University School of Medicine. Read on to find out how Dr. Salles’ Iranian heritage influences her work, how she builds confidence through her yoga practice, and why she believes “power dressing” is so important.
this doc is a real-life animal whisperer

this doc is a real-life animal whisperer

Like the other extraordinary women featured on In the Wild, Dr. Eugenia Nieto is a doctor. She wears scrubs (Fabled, of course), carries a stethoscope, and has a knack for saving lives. But this LA-based mother-of-three is no ordinary doc. Her patients are furry, feathery and scaly. Dr. Nieto is a veterinarian who works at an emergency and critical care facility for animals. And when she’s not running after her patients, she’s running a household, or literally, just running. Keep reading to see what keeps her on the move.
bread-and-butter is not how we'd describe this pediatrician

bread-and-butter is not how we'd describe this pediatrician

Dr. Vi Ngo is a pediatric resident based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her interview with Fabled beautifully highlights how even when life is full of twists and turns, it doesn't mean we get lost. Take a page from her book and you'll see how living authentically and embracing the journey will always get you to where you need to go.
this doc stands larger than life at five foot two

this doc stands larger than life at five foot two

We're going to go out on a limb and guess that most people think that "ER doc" and "olympic pole vaulter" are mutually exclusive career paths. Dr. Leila Ben-Youssef is not most people. That's why you have to meet her. She's an emergency medicine physician in the San Francisco Bay Area and she shares with us how she embraces challenge and adventure in her life.