Obviously we’re partial to brands created by physicians — as a physician-founded brand ourselves, we understand firsthand the power of solutions developed by those on the front line. We love doctor-developed solutions because they’re based on first-hand experience, community, and founded by experts. We especially love brands and products from women founders! Empowering women leaders in medicine is Fabled’s core mission, and we love spreading the word about other incredible women providers who’ve founded their own brand. To that end, we’ve rounded up our three favorite female physician-founded brands, all of which offer incredible solutions for women and physicians alike.



MAKEMERRY: Doctor-designed bras for sensitive skin

As a radiation oncologist, Dr. Katie Deming treats patients with radiation-induced skin sensitivity — and the pain point she saw time and time again was bras that irritated her patients’ skin. So Dr. Deming started personally altering her patients’ bras to help relieve their pain, but the resulting garment wasn’t as stylish as she knew it could be. That’s why Dr. Deming founded MAKEMERRY, a line of bras that are soft and sexy, perfect for anyone with sensitivity, or really anyone at all. With thoughtful touches like pockets for pads/prostheses and deep arm holes that avoid healing incisions, MAKEMERRY bras are both comfortable and stylish, giving their wearers an extra boost of confidence. Plus, they come in two fantastic styles: full coverage and plunge.

We love that MAKEMERRY solves for a painful side effect of radiation, while giving women an elevated, sexy option. This is the power of design by doctors — as the people on the front lines, we see so many client pain points that often don’t have easy solutions. Check out MAKEMERRY bras and discover your new go-to bra! 




Lume Deodorant: Natural deodorant that really works

When Dr. Shannon Klingman was doing her OB/GYN residency, she kept noticing that women were coming to the doctor with concerns about vaginal odor. They were being misdiagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, and subsequently prescribed unnecessary antibiotics. Dr. Klingman saw how benign body odor led to misdiagnoses, and resolved to look into a scientific solution for not just neutralizing body odor, but preventing it. She worked for ten years to create a solution that’s effective, naturally derived, and free from aluminum and baking soda — in fact, she started in her own kitchen! Today, Lume Deodorant is clinically proven to control odor for 72 hours. Dr. Klingman’s solutions span full-body deodorants, in stick, cream and wipe form! 

Lume Deodorant products actually shocked the leading odor expert of Princeton Consumer Research with how effective they were. Click here to hear his thoughts — as someone who has been smelling armpits for more than 20 years, we’re pretty confident in his review. We love Lume products: equal parts safe and effective, they’re perfect for a 24-hour shift. 


Brave Bag


The Brave Bag: The luxury bag for the practical, modern woman

Dr. Sasha Shillcut is the founder of an incredible brand, Brave Enough, that teaches women work-life control through classes and community — and she’s also the mind behind the Brave Bag, a luxury bag for the practical, modern woman. Her story is a familiar one: When she graduated from residency and got her first paycheck, her first stop was an upscale handbag store to get an incredible work bag. She needed a sleek, luxury bag that could hold her whole world: computer, makeup, water bottle, and even an extra pair of shoes. It also needed to be versatile, easily taken from home to office and more. She searched for this perfect bag in vain, and was even told by a sales associate that her only two options were a diaper bag or a men’s briefcase. 

Her perfect bag didn’t exist yet, so she designed her own. Sound familiar? We love that spirit at Fabled! The Brave Bag was born: made of sumptuous croc-embossed leather, the Brave Bag is stylish enough for your lifestyle and functional enough to meet all your daily needs, this large satchel comes complete with:

  • Two interior side pockets
  • Three interior divided sections
  • Middle section with zip-top closure
  • Water bottle strap
  • Sunglass pocket
  • Phone pocket 
  • … and the flap enclosure keeps everything secure. 

Time and time again we see women solving their own problems by creating the solution, and we’re so happy Dr. Shillcut did so with the Brave Bag. We really feel this tagline: A bag that is there for you just like you are there for everyone else.

The stories behind these women physician-founded brands are powerful, and so relatable. Do you have any favorite women physician-founded brands? Comment below — we absolutely love supporting other women founders!

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