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Olga Lemberg pediatrician founder Fabled scrubs

Hi! I'm Olga, the founder of Fabled. I'm a pediatrician based in Oakland, California and I've practically lived in scrubs for the past decade.

As a teenager and young adult, my closet was filled with things like thrifted bell-bottoms, tomboy dresses and combat boots. It was always intuitive to me to use personal style to communicate how I felt about myself and the world around me. So it's not exactly surprising that I wasn't inspired by the pile of starchy fabric handed to me during the first days of med school. Like any other professional woman, I wanted a uniform that projected sophistication and confidence. Maybe even a uniform that I looked forward to wearing. But after years of searching for, and not finding, my dream scrubs — scrubs that let me do me — I created Fabled.

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