Fabled: meet our founder | Olga Lemberg is a pediatrician and the founder of Fabled. Workwear chic scrubs, professional chic medical scrubs, women's fashion scrub uniforms

Hi! I'm Olga, the founder of Fabled. As a hospital-based pediatrician, I've lived in scrubs for my entire career. Like so many other healthcare professionals, I never gave much thought to what I wore to work. We're busy and taxed on so many levels that something as basic and routine as a uniform isn't even on our radar. Or maybe we don't believe that scrubs could be better, even if we knew that's what we wanted?

Since I was young I've used personal style to communicate how I felt about myself and the world around me. My closet as a teen was filled with things like thrifted bell-bottoms, tomboy dresses and combat boots. Fashion has always been both an artistic and political form of expression for me. 

I launched Fabled in 2017 because I wanted to feel more joy in my work day. I love having fun with how I dress, but more importantly than that, I wanted a uniform that would both honor my personal style and deep sense of professionalism. Nothing on the market felt aligned with how I wanted to project myself at work, and I was tired of muting my style to fit into the professional culture I'd existed in for so long. When I couldn't find the sleek and empowering designs I wanted, I created them myself.

And the rest is history.

Fabled exists for you, to celebrate you, and to bring joy into your work day.

At its core, Fabled is all about humanity, self-expression and joy. You deserve to feel and look amazing. I hope you take this opportunity to treat yourself to our workwear.