Q&A with Dr. Bonnie Koo of Wealthy Mom MD

Smashing The Patriarchy, Embracing Wealth, And Authentic Style With Dr. Bonnie Koo

This month’s Women in Medicine series features Dr. Bonnie Koo, a dermatologist and former systems administrator at Morgan Stanley based in New York City. In 2017, after paying off a six-figure debt, Dr. Koo launched Wealthy Mom MD to share the finance strategies she developed to transform her own life. Today, she teaches female physicians how to master their personal finances and make their money work for them. Read on to find out more about Dr. Koo’s creative hero, and why she thinks women need to embrace creating wealth.
Olga's Origin Story: You Are Your Own Miracle

Olga's Origin Story: You Are Your Own Miracle

The Fabled woman is a badass. She’s not cutesy or demure, she’s not any of the things women physicians are pressured to be in order to “succeed”. She’s wholly herself, and it’s her that I look to when I need a confidence boost, when I need reminding that I deserve more than the medical establishment has been able to provide. Founding Fabled was a way for me to help other women physicians, but it's also how I manifest even deeper self-compassion and self-acceptance. With every piece of Fabled workwear, I want to inspire us to let our inner badass shine through. 
Mentorship, Strength, and Self-Care with Dr. Dianah Lake


This month’s Women in Medicine series features Dr. Dianah Lake (aka “Dr. Di”), an independent emergency room physician based in Laurel, Maryland. Dr. Lake’s commitment and passion for wellness extends from the hospital to the gym and beyond: She’s the founder and one-woman force behind Dr. Di Fit Life, a comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and wellness brand that includes everything from a signature 90-day exercise program to one-on-one coaching.
gift ideas for women in medicine

Gift Ideas for Women in Medicine

Our day to day schedules and responsibilities are always evolving, so it can be challenging to find unique gifts for doctors and nurses that are both exciting and practical. Here’s our guide to the best gifts for female doctors and all the other hard working women providers on your list!
Pink Coat, MD Q & A

Revolutionizing The Culture Of Medicine With Dr. Tamara Chang And Dr. Luisa Duran Of Pink Coat, MD

Our Women in Medicine Q&A series continues with Dr. Tamara Chang and Dr. Luisa Duran of Pink Coat, MD, a vibrant community that provides leadership development, professional coaching, peer support, and other resources for female physicians. Both doctors met at Brown University: Dr. Chang went on to become a pediatric hematologist and oncologist in Tacoma, WA, and Dr. Duran is an adult endocrinologist based in San Francisco, CA. After completing their medical training—and earning dozens of accolades along the way—they decided to band together to help more female doctors do their best work and thrive in their chosen fields.
Time Management Skills with Dr. Zia

14 Time Management Skills for Busy Women Physician Entrepreneurs

Dr. Subaila Zia is a physician entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of Telemedora, a Silicon Valley based telehealth company which aims to make quality pulmonary, critical care and sleep services accessible to patients and hospitals.
Wellness Retreats You Need to Check Out

5 Women Physician-Founded Wellness Retreats You Need to Check Out

We’re 18 months into a generation-defining global health event, and physicians and healthcare workers have never needed support like they do now. Physicians — especially women physicians, who take on extra burdens at home and at work — need and deserve time to process, heal, and reset. We hope this list of physician-founded wellness retreats inspires you to invest in yourself. 
Dr. Sunny Smith


This month’s Women in Medicine series features Dr. Sunny Smith, a family physician based in San Diego, CA. Dr. Smith is also a certified life coach through The Life Coach School, and the founder of Empowering Women Physicians, which features organized retreats, a podcast, and a unique coaching program. She combines her coaching practice with her work as a medical educator to help women in medicine live their lives on their own terms.
Olga's Fall Must Haves


We’re collecting our founder’s must-see, must-have, and must-do list for the fall — from shopping to traveling and more. While things are hardly back to “normal,” there’s something about the “back to school” vibe of September that is soothing, and we love rounding up our favorite autumn things and making plans. Here’s what’s on Olga’s list for fall 2021! 
What A Sleep Physician Learned From Her Own Experience with Insomnia with Dr. Carol Yuan

What A Sleep Physician Learned From Her Own Experience With Insomnia

Dr. Carol Yuan is a board-certified physician in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine and founder of B. Hai Sleep Health, a telehealth sleep service that helps women get better sleep. Learn more about Dr. Yuan and her sleep work at www.bhaisleephealth.com.
Finding Financial Freedom, Being Grateful, and Feeling Fabulous with Dr. Latifat Akintade

Finding Financial Freedom, Being Grateful, and Feeling Fabulous with Dr. Latifat Akintade

Our Women in Medicine Q&A series continues with Dr. Latifat Akintade, a gastroenterologist practicing at Kaiser Permanente and based in Sacramento, California. She is the founder of MoneyFitMD, a coaching practice that helps female physicians transform their relationship with money and achieve financial freedom. Last June, Dr. Akintade launched the MoneyFitMD podcast and a companion vlog to expand on her work as a money mindset coach. Read on to discover what graduating from medical school meant to her, how the skills she teaches as a coach translate to her clinical work, and how impromptu day trips keep her grounded.
Kindred Spirits: Lessons Learned from Healthcare Burnout

Kindred Spirits: Lessons Learned from Healthcare Burnout

Healthcare burnout was a problem before the pandemic, but COVID-19 exposed what was a growing issue as a full-blown crisis. In April 2021, The Washington Post reported that 3 in 10 healthcare workers are considering leaving their profession altogether, and 6 in 10 report that pandemic-related stress has harmed their mental health. This is of course aside from the more than 3,600 healthcare workers that were lost to COVID-19 — a hugely significant and tragic loss.