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A flattering and comfortable fit is the most important part of buying clothes. Especially clothes you spend long days and nights working in. We put a lot of effort into fitting our garments on different bodies to collect as much feedback as we can to offer a quality product that fits a range of body shapes. This page is your guide to helping you select the best size and fit for you.

Please note: our sizing has changed as of Dec 2022. See the updated size charts on the new product pages for detailed sizing. This restock will be our most comfortable and flattering yet, with improvements made to the bust, waist and hip areas. Please note that while unlikely, these updates may result in a slightly different size choice depending on how relaxed or fitted you wear your Fabled. We work hard to nail down the fit but getting things just right is an evolution. Please let us know how these new pieces fit once you get 'em! Email us if you have any questions.

Keep reading for answers to your most common questions.

How do I know which size to choose?

Our size charts serve as a general guideline for helping you find your size. You can find size charts as they relate to specific styles on that product's page, right above the products' size option selections.

We don’t need to tell you that women’s bodies are incredibly diverse (a fabulous thing!). It’s normal for garments to look and fit differently on different body types, even within the same size. For example, a pair of pants may fit noticeably differently for two women who are both size Medium.

Not only are there physical distinctions across body shapes, but every working woman has her own personal fit preference. In fact, you may choose to wear a different size than our size chart recommends and that is totally ok! Even cooler is that many women choose to rock multiple sizes to achieve different looks. Order true to size to get the look closest to the one pictured in our product photos, or size up or down for a different desired look.

Our silhouettes vary from slim-fitting to relaxed, so garment measurements will vary between styles. And not every style may work for you, or you might want to make slight alterations to get your fit just right.

Is Fabled true to size?

Though our garments are true to size in terms of garment specs, all bodies and fit preferences are different. You can find our size charts on each product’s individual page or click here. You can also always reach out to our Client Care team for help in choosing the right size. Please include your bust, waist, and low hip measurements with your message and we’ll help you out. We work diligently to design the most flattering fit possible for a wide range of body types. And when we begin the restocking process, we incorporate fit adjustments based on feedback from Fabled women so we always work on improving our fit.

Please understand, all measurements are approximate and will vary slightly due to the handmade nature of clothing and differences in the measuring process. Each restock and different fabrics/colors may measure slightly differently. But we try our absolute best to keep everything as consistent as possible to ensure you have the best experience wearing our garments.

How does Fabled compare to other scrub brands?

While we are generally covering the same specs as other companies, your Fabled size may be different than it is in other brands and that is totally normal. This can be due to several factors. Everything from the fabric content to the style of waistband to the intended silhouette and fit will affect how a specific brand’s sizing fits your body.


*Pro tip: measure yourself wearing thin undergarments only

*Pro tip: make sure the tape measure always stays parallel to the floor all the way around or you will get an inaccurate number.


Measure around the fullest part of your bust by placing the tape measure about 1-2 inches below your armpit on one side. Guide the measuring tape around your back and all the way back to the starting point.


Circle a tape measure all the way around the halfway point between your belly button and bottom of your ribcage. This point can also be found by bending your torso laterally to the side and finding the natural crease created by your bend.


Our size charts refer to the LOW hip measurement (as opposed to high). Measure around the FULLEST part of your hips, which will be either around your seat or your thighs (whichever is larger). This is measured lower on the body than you may think, usually about 8-10" below your waist (like where the zipper of your jeans might end when fully unzipped).