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High end medical scrubs for women, our debut stylish scrubs are finally here!

Truth be told, scrubs have traditionally been thoughtless, disposable and 100% forgettable. The people who wear them, on the other hand, are the complete opposite: thoughtful, irreplaceable and memorable. So why shouldn’t they wear scrubs as impressive as they are?

That’s the question that got us started. Dreamt up and designed by a doc, we know firsthand the quality of care and craft you put into your work every. single. day. We bring that same sensibility to our scrubs. Our products exist to reflect your best self, helping you align the outside with the inside. 

Fabled is a new kind of medical apparel company. We've prioritized growing responsibly from the very beginning. We produce our scrubs in small batches at a family-owned factory in northern California, which allows us to support the local garment manufacturing industry and closely control the quality of our products. Our designs are not created with the mass market in mind, and neither is our company vision.

meet our founder


Olga Lemberg pediatrician founder Fabled scrubs

Hi! I'm Olga, the founder of Fabled. I'm a pediatrician based in Oakland, California and I've practically lived in scrubs for the past decade.

As a teenager and young adult, my closet was filled with things like thrifted bell-bottoms, tomboy dresses and combat boots. It was always intuitive to me to use personal style to communicate how I felt about myself and the world around me. So it's not exactly surprising that I wasn't inspired by the pile of starchy fabric handed to me during the first days of med school. Like any other professional woman, I wanted a uniform that projected sophistication and confidence. Maybe even a uniform that I looked forward to wearing! But after years of searching for, and not finding, my dream scrubs — scrubs that let me do me — I created Fabled.


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