Our day to day schedules and responsibilities are always evolving, so it can be challenging to find unique gifts for doctors and nurses that are both exciting and practical. Here’s our guide to the best gifts for female doctors and all the other hard working women providers on your list: 

Shift saviors

On-Duty Shift Saviors

Olioeosso Lip Balms

Fabled founder, Dr. Lemberg, swears by Olioeosso lip balms for long shifts in the dry hospital air. After hours, this compact balm works overtime as a burst of color for cheeks and eyelids!

Bryr Clogs

These beautiful clogs are our definition of putting your best foot forward. You’ll catch us in the classic Chloe Closed Toe


Not your average safety goggles, Stoggles wear like glasses, protect like goggles, and look like your favorite frames. With premium blue light blocking and anti-fog lenses, this eyewear is made for everyday comfort. 

Eko Digital Stethoscopes 

These AI-powered Stethoscopes work just as hard as you do. Shop attachments, stethoscopes, and other accessories to help complete your arsenal. 

Fabled Workwear

We all know that childhood fervor of going to sleep at night anticipating the stylish outfit you’ve laid out for the next day. That’s what it’s like waking up knowing your favorite pair of Fabled scrubs are clean and ready to wear. Give the gift of stylish and fashionable scrubs to the women providers on your list!

Comrad Socks

These energizing compression socks boost circulation with 15-25mmHg graduated compression, giving you a bit more pep in your step! Available in solid colors and whimsical prints making them perfect for gift giving, these are some of the best compression socks for doctors and nurses. 

After hours

After Hours Gifting

Lunya Washable Silk Robes

Lunya believes that staying in is the new going out, and we couldn’t agree more. We love curling up in their washable robes after a long shift for a low-maintenance, high-luxury evening. 

Bare Hands 

While perfectly polished nails don’t always pair with our profession, nourished, natural nails are always in. Bare Hands has mastered the art of nail care. Swiping on some cuticle oil is a crucial step in our after-hours pamper routine.  

The Qi

Give the gift of healthier skin and hair, reduced anxiety, and a better night’s sleep with luxurious tea from The Qi.

Bossy Beauty

Bossy Beauty is reimagining beauty for ambitious women. Whether you’re getting ready for a presentation, interview, or date night, Bossy Beauty liquid lipsticks make just as powerful of a statement as your pantsuit. 

What will you be gifting this holiday season? Tag us on Instagram, @thisisfabled, as you cross off your shopping list!

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